Sprawling Swamps
2016-ongoing – digital installation, interactive 3d environment, video, audio

Horizon Relapse, Festiv Town, Chronic Shoal, Empty Cache, Twin Raft, Swamp of Forked Tongues, Bootleg Tribunal for Nonhumans, Test Den … loopholes within loopholes. Sprawling Swamps is a series of fictional infrastructures dispersed within the cracks of the contemporary financial geography that operate on a technological, legal and social level. Located on swamps, waves, ice, and shifting shorelines these infrastructures simultaneously question the notion of “value” as well as the binary presumption of land and water which basically becomes ineffective on these unstable terrains. The dynamic nature of certain matter itself – and therefor its territory – complicates legal framing but also its absorbance into infrastructures, wether legal, physical or social. When territories melt, erode or drown it becomes unclear what is to be governed. It is from this ambiguous condition that Sprawling Swamps underpins exhaustion, regression, gossip and empathy as new forms of value.
sprawlingswamps_00 sprawlingswamps_000
at CCS Bard, NY (US)
Third Nature – Nina Canell, Marjolijn Dijkman, Femke Herregraven, Basim Magdy, and Suzanne Treister
Curated by Laura Herman
8 – 29 May 2016

Programming by Richard Vijgen & Jasper van Loenen
Generously supported by Stimuleringsfonds